New House Construction

Best Independent House Construction Contractor in Chennai

Do you know what it takes to build a new home? From basic cement materials to wood supply, the quality, quantity, and brand of the material that you choose for your home matters. Therefore, the company that you entrust with your independent home construction needs to rely on the best quality materials in the right quantity.

Materials that contribute to the overall budget of independent house construction include - cement and sand, bricks, paint, wood supply and timber, steel, pipes and plumbing, tiles, electrical supply, sanitary products.

In addition to these, you need to have a reliable labor force to support you. Wehouse has a dependable, strong, and transparent workforce. We are proud to be able to provide wholesome service in terms of transparency.

Independent House Construction in Chennai

When it comes to independent house construction in Chennai,you have plenty of options to choose from. Some of the popular choice are - duplex house, villa, bungalow, and multistorey houses. Here is a rundown of these independent houses -


A standard duplex house is every middle/upper-middle class man’s dream. It has residential units like - living, dining, kitchen, bedrooms and common area. Typically, the floors are connected with an indoor staircase. It is ideal for a joint family where everyone lives under one roof and at the same time enjoy their privacy.


Villas are the luxury homes with state-of-art amenities and facilities. They give a great sense of privacy and are suitable for those who want privacy in an independent unit. One can customize villas as per the requirement with add-ons like - lawn, backyard, swimming pool and more.


Bunglows are huge independent houses with a large veranda, one-half-storey or single-storey design. It is usually surrounded by parking area, small garden, and occupy more living space. We offer traditional to contemporary designs that are customized based on your requirement.
With reliable residential contractor by your side, you can materialize this dream comfortably. With other additional specifications that you might need for your home, we can arrange for the home to be within your budget.

Best Independent House Construction Contractor in Chennai

Wehouse is on a spree to revolutionize the independent home construction industry in the south. As a leading construction company, our reputation rests on the quality of our service. We provide independent construction services in all the key areas of Chennai. We assure your project will receive the attention it deserves with well-thought planning and execution. We have long standing relationship with our clients, which is one of the reasons behind our success. We will be there with your not only during planning and execution, but also post completion of the project. With the leading tech-enabled construction company that serves end-to-end home construction requirements, you can experience the joy of constructing your home without hassle.

We are just a call away from you. Just drop your requirement and relax.