House Construction

House Construction with Wehouse

Wehouse is the No. 1 tech-powered house construction company in Chennai. We believe that every home we build is a man-made miracle. We are not only invested in building houses. We build dreams and give structure to families!

Wehouse constructs happiness with our homes! We achieve this by making the process of construction as smooth as possible. Our technical superiority and punctuality make us Chennai’s best house construction firm. We don’t compromise on quality, no matter the budget you have set aside.

House construction in Chennai is a complicated process. We understand your concerns about picking a builder. As one of the best construction companies in Chennai, Wehouse suggests that you consider the following factors while choosing your builder.


A new house construction company springs up every other week in Chennai. To differentiate experienced firms from average ones, you need to take a detailed look at the previous works done by the company.
Wehouse is more than open to taking you on a tour of our work. We have worked across Hyderabad. We will give you details about each of our previous ventures. This can offer you a comprehensive understanding of our method. We prioritize technologically-advanced buildings.

Success Rate

Having committed to many projects doesn’t mean all of them have been successful. Many firms are prone to the risk of incomplete construction, delayed delivery, and cost overruns. When you set a meeting with your aspired builder, make sure you get the big picture. That is, ask them about the successful completion of each project. Wehouse specializes in hassle-free construction. We have a clean track record and enviable customer service. We only make promises we can keep. With our e-monitoring system and insured work ethic, there is no way you could go wrong with your house construction!

Accreditations and Licenses

Undertaking the construction of a home is a huge task. You should ensure that you involve only with trustworthy, reliable companies. This means that you should make it a point to ask construction companies about their licensing and accreditations. Wehouse is an initiative by Timeshell Civil Projects E-Monitoring Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. We provide residential and commercial construction services across Hyderabad and Chennai. We are headquartered in Hyderabad. We are licensed builder-constructors who don’t encourage any middle-party interferences.

Post-construction services

Reliable house construction companies ensure that they provide you with post-construction services as well. This includes everything from warranty to renovations. Make sure that you ask the construction firm about the specifics surrounding their service after construction. Wehouse will be with you throughout your journey. We promise to be at your beck and call even after the construction is over. Our work is insured. This means that your home is forever protected under our care. Additionally, we are always just a call away from helping you out with your home.

Have more questions?

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