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The outside of your home is just as important as the inside. It sets the tone of your house and determines its appeal.
We, at Wehouse, prioritize the exteriors as much as the rest of your house. We make exterior building a task to look forward to. We have creative experts who work together to give your home's exterior the aesthetic it deserves.

We offer exterior building services by emphasizing every little particular of your choice. It could include appropriate landscaping, glass windows/doors suitable for modern houses, contemporary colors, neutral shades, etc.
Since we are an architectural firm that prioritizes sustainable houses, we also encourage exterior building that favors the environment in the long run.

Did you ever come across an exterior design that caught your eye? Ever wanted something similar for your dream house?
With a team of skilled architects, Wehouse is proud to be a thriving hotspot for creative ideas. With the home construction business advancements, contemporary and modern houses are built with innovative ideas.

Factors influencing Exterior Building in Chennai

Many construction companies in Chennai are unaware of the importance of the exterior building. Having an appealing exterior to your home is the first impression of the entirety of your dream project. Here are a few factors that influence the exterior of your building


Climatic conditions are a priority when it comes to the exterior building of your home. The climatic variations affecting a plot are detrimental when deciding on an exterior material. For instance, glass exteriors are not advisable in moist and rainy areas. It would be difficult to manage and clean.

However, if the landscaping is done according to the weather patterns, you could build a beautiful garden with climate-specific plants and trees.

Construction Materials

The construction industry has advanced significantly in recent years. You no longer need to go for concrete exterior walls. It's your time to get creative with different materials, including - Gypsum, ICF, cladding, and even steel framing are trending in markets.

To know more about, get in touch with our team. We can discuss and help you choose the most suitable exterior building material for you!

Colors & Design

In addition to picking a suitable material, we will also guide you through the right colors to choose. At Wehouse, we ensure that your exterior's color gradient matches your interior design. Be it neutral paints or contrasts, we do it all.
The colors you choose for exterior building can also influence the choice of additions to your lawn!

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